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by Mountain House April 20, 2015

5 Backpacking Hacks for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Try Out These Simple Backpacking Tips Out On Your Next Adventure

Here are 5 video tips that might make your next backpacking adventure that much easier!

Not the Best Fire Starter?

Have no fear – the mighty corn chip is here! Corn chips are surprisingly great for starting camp fires. They burn with a reliable flame at a nice and slow pace making them the perfect salty dual-purpose backpacking utility.

Not a fan of corn chips? Try this instead: Dip cotton balls, or cotton pads, in wax prior to your trip. This outer wax coating will keep the cotton burning at a slow pace allowing time for the kindling to catch flame creating a nice, warm, ambient fire to enjoy.

A Little Spice Makes Everything Nice

Have you ever been on the trail and craved a dash of garlic salt on your meal? Why leave your favorite flavors at home? Instead of packing a bulky seasoning jar, or a thin bag that will likely break open in your backpack, try using Tic-Tac® containers to take your seasonings with you on any adventure. This technique not only saves space, but it also lets you sprinkle your seasonings on your food just like you would at home.

Stay Warm, Get Cozy

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could preheat your sleeping bag? Well, now you can! Grab a heat-resistant water bottle, some boiling water, and a sock. Take your bottle and fill it with hot water. Place the bottle inside a sock, or some other fabric to protect yourself from the extreme heat, and place it in the sleeping bag just before you get in. Just make sure to close the lid tight!! Leave the bottle in the sleeping bag for hours of continued warmth throughout the night.

Telling Time without a Watch

No one likes setting up camp in the pitch black of night. To tell how much time you have before the sun sets, simply extend your arm and hold your fingers up to the sun.. Place your four fingers in between the sun and the horizon. Each finger that you can fit between the horizon and the sun represents about 15 minutes of daylight remaining.

Water Bottle Night Light

Try taking wide-mouth water bottle, with some water in it, and place your headlamp inside the bottle. Make sure to leave the headlamp headband outside of the bottle. Screw on the lid of the Nalgene and you have yourself a lantern! The headband can then be used as something to hang the Nalgene up on a tree, in your tent, or you can simply place the Nalgene on the ground.

What are your favorite backpacking tip? Comment below or let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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