by Mountain House March 12, 2018

Help Maintain New England Hiking Trails

Live in New England or plan on visiting soon? Here are 5 volunteer opportunities to help keep trails in tip-top shape!

Hiking trails don't maintain themselves. Whether you’re a backpacker who has traversed the trails of New England, an avid hiker, or someone who’s just plain passionate about the outdoors, volunteering with one of these organizations is a great way to give back to the places you love, and to make sure trails are in good shape for others to enjoy.

New England Forestry Foundation

two men from new england forestry looking at tree

The New England Forestry Foundation uses Forest Stewards to protect and maintain trails weaving through Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. Forest stewards are only required to visit their designated forest once per season, for a total of 25-30 hours per year. Currently, they’re also looking for photographers and researchers to deepen historical and visual information about the area. Could this be you???

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Chatham Trails Association

CTA works to maintain hiking trails in the Evans Notch region spanning New Hampshire and Maine. Through volunteer work weekends and educational seminars, they aim to make the area a premier destination for hiking and camping.

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Squam Lakes Association

collage of activities at squam lakes association

Squam Lakes offers a variety of options for hikers in the New England area to give back to the trail systems they love. Whether you’re interested in identifying and tracking noxious weeds, collecting water samples, or adopting a trail, volunteers help maintain the hiking, camping, and watershed of New Hampshire.

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Maine Appalachian Trail Club

If you’ve ever dreamt of working or hiking the AT, the Maine Appalachian Trail Club is your shot at the opportunity. Throughout the summer they accept volunteers for week long adventures in the backwoods of Maine to maintain and improve the trail.

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Green Mountain Club

group of people building hiking trail frame


Mostly maintaining the Long Trail, a 272-mile trail with over 90 backcountry campsites, the Green Mountain Club offers opportunities for volunteers of all backgrounds. From writers to mulch packers (great for backpacker training!) to adopting a trail or shelter, the Green Mountain Club enables people to give back to the longest trail in Vermont.

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Volunteering with one of these five New England non-profits is a wonderful way to explore the outdoors while making sure trails are kept in great shape for others to enjoy. Volunteering can be the starting point for friendships, memories, and of course, adventure!

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