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7 Day Camping Food Meal Plan

Fact: everything tastes better when you're camping. From the first cup of piping hot coffee, to the highly-anticipated gathering around a fire for dinner, camping food is a joy to prepare, and a delight to devour. Without the conveniences of home like a refrigerator or oven, longer camping trips may seem daunting when it comes to meal planning. So start simple! Check out this basic 7-day camping food meal plan so you can head into the wild ready to explore, and with more time to savor the adventure! 

Breakfast Camping Food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whether you’re in the city or the backwoods. There are two types of camp breakfasts: slow and hearty or quick and easy. You'll likely want to plan for a combination of both, as some days will be filled activities from the moment the sun breaks over the horizon until it settles in to the crooks of the hillsides in the evening. And some days will be slow going, when you can kick up your feet on a comfy stump and enjoy the home away from home that your campsite offers.

The breakfast plan includes days 2-7, as you often arrive at camp around lunch or later on the first day.

Day 2: Eggs and bacon over the fire, cut fruit on the side

Day 3: Egg scramble with sausage links over the fire

Day 4: Assortment of cereal and bagels

Day 5: Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich

Day 6: Pancakes on the griddle

Day 7: Spicy Southwest Breakfast Hash

watermelon cubes

Camping Food for Lunch

Lunch can be the easiest, and also the hardest meal to plan. Unlike breakfast and dinner, lunch often has to be prepared hours before it happens. If you’ve planned a hike, horseback ride, or day on the lake, you’ll need to pack a lunch ahead of time to prevent any unhappy hunger-related meltdowns. One popular option is to have snacks ready to go and easy to grab for portable adventures, but if you'll be enjoying higher exertion activities, you're going to want a calorie-dense lunch to keep you going!

With a thermos or vacuum insulated water bottle, you can boil water in the morning to bring with you for a tasty Mountain House lunch!

Day 1:Chicken Fajita Bowl

Day 2: PB&J, granola bar, watermelon

Day 3: Turkey sandwiches, potato chips, pickles

Day 4:Chili Mac with Beef

Day 5: PB&J, carrots and hummus, pretzels

Day 6: Chicken and Rice (leftovers)

Day 7: Sandwiches for the road and leftover snacks from the week

three skillets with food over campfire

Dinner Camping Food

Dinner may be the best part of camping. Everyone jumps in to help, and there’s a symphony of cutting, chopping, boiling, and, of course, taste-testing. It’s the reward after a long day on the trails, water-skiing behind the boat, or playing cards with the family.

There are many different ways to cook dinner at the campground, with long held favorites being tin-foil dinners, or browning meat in cast-iron skillets on the fire grate.

For the first day, you’ll want to keep it simple. You’ll have just arrived to camp, and in the process of organizing plastic bins, laying out the welcome mat in front of the tent trailer, and shaking out the tarp, the last thing you want to worry about is making a complicated camp dinner.

Day 1:Beef Stroganoff (#10 can, 10 servings)

Day 2: Hot dogs over the fire

Day 3: Tin foil dinner: potatoes, onions, zucchini, and fresh-caught trout

Day 4:Chili Mac with Beef(#10 can, 10 servings)

Day 5: Southwest Chicken and Rice

Day 6: Customizable Kebabs (check out these recipes fromFresh Off the Grid)


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