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by Mountain House September 08, 2016

Help Us Make Camping More Accessible + Win Cool Stuff!

For us at Mountain House, this past summer has been marked by an effort to make camping even better than it already is. What could make it better? Accessibility!Finding new places to camp and explore without having to trudge through the murky reeds of the internet to get there.

We partnered with The Dyrt, an online platform for campsite reviews, to give away $8,000 worth of Mountain House in exchange for authentic campground reviews from real campers.The results so far have been incredible. As of September 1st, we've given away $6,000 of our summer prizes. But what’s truly invaluable is the way you all have improved the process of finding a campground by submitting your past experiences to The Dyrt (and entering the contest).

Wisconsin camper Daniel B. submitted his canoe-camping review of Big Bay Town Park, WI to The Dyrt as part of our contest.

Wisconsin camper Daniel B. submitted his canoe-camping review of Big Bay Town Park, WI to The Dyrt as part of our contest.

Finding campsites online can be a pain, and by submitting your reviews you’re helping alleviate that pain. You’re also being entered to win a slice of our $8,000 pie.

Here’s how our contest works:

  • Review campsites in one of our two contests, Illinois or Wisconsin.
  • You get points for your review. The more you review, the higher up the leaderboard you go.
  • At the end of the month, the top 10 reviewers in each state with the most useful reviews each win a 5-Day Food Kit.

June, July, and August each had their own winners. Looking ahead, September’s contest starts fresh with a clear leaderboard. It’s also your last chance to win.

If you’ve ever camped or if you camp in Illinois or Wisconsin by the end of the month, you could win 5 days worth of Mountain House just for helping us make camping even better. Check out some of our excited winners so far:

social media post from @allweeksend



social media post from @AndrewStone1563

PS - You can also get in on some prizes if you’ve never camped in Illinois or Wisconsin--it just won’t be Mountain House coming to your door. See the nationwide contest here:http://thedyrt.com/contests

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