by Mountain House April 20, 2017

15 Ways to Reuse a Plastic Bottle for Survival

Even though we're pretty sure most of the Mountain House community opts for reusable water bottles, the truth is single use plastic bottles aren't going away any time soon. And even the most eco-savvy adventurer may still stumble across a bottle on a beach or tucked into the bushes along a trail. So pick it up, pack it out, and if necessary, turn that trash into survivalist treasure by making good use of garbage. We love the outside-the-box thinking from YouTuber “Sensible Prepper”. Take that trash and make it useful! Create a funnel, or a paracord dispenser, a cup with handle, a spoon, a trap, binding material, and more.

Perhaps in our lifetimes we'll enjoy landscapes with less evidence of commercial beverage preferences. But let's keep using what's still usable, because survival resources are readily available if we think creatively. And in fact, check out some of these throwback ideas for reusing your Mountain House pouches once they're empty!

How to reuse a Mountain House bag as a waterproof container

Reuse a Mountain House bag by washing your utensils

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