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by Mountain House June 27, 2017

Being Prepared For Anything: 3 Situations You Might Not Think About

Everyone should have an action plan at their house and with their family should disaster strike. But ... that’s usually where the action plan ends. We know what to do and where to go should something happen to our house, but what if disaster strikes when we’re not at home? That’s why you should also have an action plan for other places where you tend to spend a lot of time.

Here are 3 situations to consider when preparing an emergency action plan outside of the home:

In the Car

Between commuting to and from work, going to the gym, picking up the kids from activities, and all of your weekend adventures, you spend a lot of time in your car. What would you do if there was emergency while you were driving?

First, if you are able, drive to a pre-designated location. But if you are unable to move your vehicle, you need to be prepared with having the right contents close at hand. Keep a disaster kit stocked with first aid medical supplies, easy to prepare/long shelf life food, water, a knife or utility tool to cut a seatbelt, and something to break a window, should that situation arise.

At the Office

Work work work. Does it feel like you live at the office a lot of the time? Store an emergency kit in your office or under your desk. Stock your kit with some extra food and water to share with co-workers, just in case.

Does your office have an emergency action plan? If not, take charge and make it happen. Take it upon yourself to help educate your office about the importance of an action plan, should an emergency occur. Make sure everyone knows evacuation routes, communication plans, and encourage everyone to keep their own preparedness kits near their desks, too.

While Traveling

As you’re packing to go on vacation you’re probably more worried about how much underwear you need to pack than what to do in an emergency situation. But running out of clean underwear will be the least of your concerns if, say, flood waters start rising, or a hurricane hits.

Before you head out on your travels devise a plan that’ll help keep everyone in your travel party safe and together should something happen while you’re gone. Communication is the number one priority. Have a plan of action in case of separation, and talk through what would happen should anyone get injured.

On the home front, let people know you’re going to be away and where you will be. Chat with a neighbor, friend, or relative that would be willing to go check on your house or serve as a point of contact should something unexpected arise.

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