by Mountain House September 01, 2016

Clean Water is Critical. Introducing Survivor Filter.

There are some times that call for taking risks. Safe drinking water should never be one of them. And whether you're out in the woods on a backcountry trek, building a preparedness kit for your car, or loading up a bug out bag with the essentials, a reliable water filter is a must-have.

Our friends at Survivor Filter® have become especially known for their unbeatable filtration abilities, backed up by their Independent North American Lab Test Results, as well extensive field usage by users in every continent. Today Survivor Filter® has grown into one of the most trusted names in Portable Water Filtration in the USA.

We recently took the Survivor Filter® and the PRO-LE into the woods on a backcountry excursion to do some field testing of our own. The original Survivor Filter® is used like a straw, submerge it directly into the water source and drink up, or, attach it to a plastic water bottle or one of their Collapsible Canteens. A shallow (and fairly murky stream) turned into clear and delicious drinking water thanks to the 3-part filtration system of the Survivor Filter®. (You can geek out on the details here.)


Woman drinking from survival filter in forest


The Survivor Filter PRO-LE is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to use pump. Just submerge the pre-filter end into your water source, clip the outflow/external filter to the provided cup or reusable water bottle, and pump. When done, wrap it up in the convenient carry case.

Person sitting on forest floor using Survivor Filter PRO-LE


Survivor Filter® was founded on the realization that water scarcity is the largest security threat influencing conflict and development throughout the world. The company was born to address the global water scarcity crisis by giving people the tools they needed to access Clean Water anywhere on the planet.

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