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by Mountain House January 27, 2017

Beyond Camping: 5 Other Activities for a Mountain House Menu

A lot of people associate Mountain House with backcountry camping, which is just part of the story. But the truth is: we make Adventure Meals™.And adventures aren't one-size-fits-all!

With a trusty spork and a way to heat water, you can take Mountain House with you wherever adventure calls. Here's just a few ideas to get you thinking outside the tent...

Go Climbing with Mountain House

After so many pitches or boulders and so many bags of trail mix, there are few things more refueling than a warm, delicious meal. Taking a break from the crag and heating up a Mountain House meal will refresh your outlook on the day, making it that much easier to get back to what you came there to do: pull on rocks.

person rock climbing behind climber eating from Mountain House pouch
photo credit @NorthwoodsSteph

Tailgate with Mountain House

Grub up and game on! You put your best fan foot forward when you show up to cheer on your favorite team. So why stick with hot dogs and potato chips? Try serving up some Chicken and Dumplings instead, for the win. Just add water.

small group of people tailgating at game with mountain house food
photo credit @frankivitis

Hunting with Mountain House

When you’re hunting, you have enough to keep your brain plenty busy. Reserve your senses for staying aware and focused, and let Mountain House keep you fed, distraction-free.

girl in camouflage taking break from bow hunting trip to eat mountain house out of pouch
photo credit @hannah.finley

Moving in with Mountain House

Everyone loves moving day!!! Oh, wait. No. No one loves moving day. But it's an adventure nonetheless, right? So instead of waiting until the kitchen's unpacked to have a home-cooked meal, let us serve up supper for ya. Then find yourself a nice cardboard box to sit on, and dig in.

person sitting in abandoned house in dark with headlamp shining on pouch of Mountain House
photo credit @kylekesterson

Century Ride with Mountain House

How many packets of Gu can you gulp down before your throat closes up and your stomach demands something of substance? If you're committed to being on your bike for the long haul, well then we're committed to making sure you eat well. Tuck a few of our single-serve pouches into your bike jersey and bring a pocket stove for heating water. Boom. Now it'll be the ride of the century.

man enjoying mountain house freeze dried food after long mountain bike trek
photo credit @liveoutsideandplay

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