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by Mountain House December 12, 2018

Mountain House Holiday Gift Picks

Another holiday gift guide??? Absolutely. And for two very good reasons: 1) We love good gear. 2) You probably do, too. So we asked our team of employees and Ambassadors to share with us their #1 gift ideas -- and just to make sure we didn't get a list of Land Rovers and exotic vacations, we asked everyone to keep it to $100 or less.

OnX Elite Membership

"OnX is a mapping service that overlays on a GPS or your Smartphone maps. it indicates what is Public land and what is private land. It is essential to knowing exactly where you can and can't hunt/hike/camp/fish. It also includes land owner information so that you may make contact and request permission to utilize private lands directly from the land owner. It is the one piece of equipment that I take on every adventure, without exception." - Casey, Ambassador (@casey_msmith)

Available at onxmaps.com. $99.99

screenshot of a map on onxmaps.com

Down Camp Booties

"It's hard enough getting out of the tent in the morning when it's summer, let alone in the dark chill of winter! But I love winter camping, and with a pair of down booties within reach of my sleeping bag I'd be much more inclined to be the one to get up first in the morning and get the coffee going." - Kelli, Staff

Available at featheredfriends.com. $99

assorted down booties from feathered friends

LifeProof Phone Case

"LifeProof phone cases are shock resistant, dirt resistant, and water proof! Perfect for anybody who spends lots of time outdoors. I’ve used a LifeProof case on every phone I’ve owned and have never had to experience a cracked screen or water damage! Couldn’t imagine a life without my LifeProof!" - Tessa, Ambassador (@tessashetter)

Available at LifeProof.com. $50-$100

partially submerged phone in creek in LifeProof case

Kammok Roo Double Hammock

"Imagine this: The summer day has come to an end. As the crickets chirp away in the background, you and your little one can be found snuggled up quite comfortably in this hammock, gently swaying side to side making memories counting stars. Sign me up!" - Cara, Staff

Available at REI.com. $99

person in orange hammock staring across water

SteriPEN® Classic 3

"This portable water purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly destroy over 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms!" Blake, Staff

Available at REI.com. $79.95

Girl by stream using steripen in a water bottle

National Parks 2019 Annual Pass

"America the Beautiful National Parks Pass covers entrance fees, standard amenity fees and day use fees for over 2,000 federal recreation sites. Valid for 1 year after purchase." - Vanessa, Ambassador (@hey.vanessa.renee)

Available at USGS Store. $80

annual America The Beautiful pass

Camelbak Cloud Walker 18

"Doesn't matter what kind of outdoor activity you are passionate about, this pack is good for it all! You can carry your necessities as well as stay hydrated." Adam, Staff

Available at Camelbak.com. $85

lichen green Camelbak day pack

FeatherLite Survival Kit

"Everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected. This survival kit will do the trick until help arrives." - Vonda, Staff

Available at REI.com. $24.95

survival kit

Klymit Static V2

"I recommend this as a gift as folks can dream of their milder weather outings while giving it a trial run with visiting family members during the holiday season!" - Jeni, Staff

Available at Klymit.com. $64.95

bright green klymit sleeping pad

Tall Timber Gabriel Turkey Call

"Whether you hunt or not, hearing a massive flock of excited turkeys talking is just plain awesome!" - Melanie, Staff

Available at Primo.com. $71.99

Turkey Call

MSR TrailShot Micro-Filtration System

"Light weight and very easy to use. Doesn't break the bank and it's easy to clean. The rate at which it filters is more efficient than some other brands I've used." - Brad, Ambassador (@stoic_wolfe)

Available at Amazon.com. $49.95

Small water filter by a stream

Morsel Spork Combo Pack

"To spork, or to spoon - that is the question. How about both? One spork and one spoon, so you can try 'em both!" - Zac, Staff

Available at morselspork.com. $23.95

Morsel Spork in an empty Mountain House pouch

MSR Trail Lite Duo Cook Set

"It's an all-in-one cook set for camping/hiking. Includes 2.0 L Hard-Anodized Aluminum Pot w/ strainer lid, (2) Double-Wall Insulated Mugs, (2) DeepDish™ Bowls. Perfect to heat up some water to enjoy a pouch of your favorite Mountain House meal too!" - Holly, Staff

Available at MSRGear.com. $69.95

MSR trail lite duo cook set

WrightSock Double Layer

"These are my go to sock for three season backpacking. The two layers allow me to hike all day without fear of hotspots or blisters. They stay cool in the summer and warm in the fall/spring. Hundreds of miles later with no issues. Also has a rock solid 100% lifetime guarantee." - Tim, Ambassador (Tim Watson Outdoors)

Available at Zappos.com. $13.95

wrightsock double layer sock

Black Diamond Headlamp

"A headlamp is needed on any adventure, you never know when you may need one!! This is my go to headlamp for any day hike, overnight or thru hike! At 350 lumens, the Black Diamond Storm headlamp packs a punch in the night but also carries a red, green and blue LED for help with night vision. At 3.9 oz (with batteries), a fully sealed waterproof housing and that it comes WITH batteries, it's a solid light. The best feature; you can lock out the headlamp so that while its in your backpack, you can't accidentally turn it on and drain the batteries before you reach the trailhead or camp. ." - Michael, Ambassador (@bx11)

Available at BlackDiamondEquipment.com. $49.95

black diamond headlamp

Leatherman OHT

"Great all around multi-tool. I lost mine in the back yard for a year. Ran over it with my truck and the lawn mower. No rust just needed a little WD40 and it was good to go." - J.W., Staff

Available at Leatherman.com. $84.95

Leatherman OHT multitool, fanned open

Toaks Titanium 750ml Pot

"Super light weight pot perfect for boiling water or using as a cup for coffee. Designed so a 4 oz gas canister can fit inside so it can be nested and reduce space in your pack as well." - Cory R., Staff

Available at Toaksoutdoor.com. $38.95

Toaks Titanium pot with lid

JetBoil Flash Cooking System

"It heats up water in almost no time and it conveniently can pack everything into itself. It's a great thing to bring on backpacking trips or just to make a hot cup of water for tea or coffee." - Anthony, Ambassdor (@agnulife)

Available at JetBoil.com. $99.95

Person pouring water into a JetBoil

Guy holding looking inside pouch of Mountain House with another person looking at him out in the backcountry

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