by Mountain House August 30, 2016

Our #MyAdventureMeal Contest Winners!

Wow. You guys do some really cool things in beautiful places. And we have photo evidence that tells us you really know how to eat well outside. Kudos to everyone who submitted their photos and videos to our #MyAdventureMeal summer contest. From where we sit in Albany, OR, we had a great view of everything from SUP-side dining, to picnicking in Havasupai, to a toddler's first taste of Mountain House on a camping trip! Good stuff, folks. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for supporting each other in the voting process. And thanks for celebrating adventure with us all summer long. Alrighty, our vote-determined winners are .....

Grand Prize - Heather Miller

Open picnic basket containing mugs, blats, steel bottle containers, (1) Mountain House Beef Stroganoff pouch, (1) Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki vacuum sealed Pro-Pak pouch, with (2) American flag styled sunglasses hanging on edge of picnic basket, along with a pink blanket and a pair of green headphones.We're not sure where she's headed, but with a picnic basket like that, we're coming with!

2nd Place - MaryBeth Patrick (featuring her daughter, Maddison Lockhart)
Child standing on rock holding pouch of Mountain House dessert in air with mountains and lake in background
This little adventurer worked hard to reach out to her community to help support her photo in this contest, " ... walking all over Boulder asking people to vote for her photo of her favorite Mountain House product (Napoleon Ice Cream)! Its been such a great learning experience for her and I couldn't be more proud as her father. For that I am deeply grateful to you all for having this contest and encouraging everyone to get out there." ~ proud papa, Travis Lockhart

3rd Place - Jacky Chan

Pouch of Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef looks like its levitating in air with hand few inches below it.
Nothing says lightweight and delicious like floating Chili Mac against a stunning mountain range. (note - this wasn't photoshopped, it's just a super cool trick! Try it at home, kids!)

And our runners up ... These folks each receive $100 gift voucher to load up on all their favorite Mountain House meals!

Young girl sitting on a blue blown up kayak next to river laughing. In front of her sits a jetboil on top of cooler next to pouch of Mountain House Beef Stroganoff
Photo by Sam Mauldin

pouch of Mountain House Lasagna next to camp stove on top of rocky mountain peak with view of lake and snow covered mountains in background
Photo by Austin Johnson

Girl sitting with legs crossed on top of boulder feeding Mountain House Cheesecake bits to white and black dog
Photo by Kenzie Farrell

Green plate of fully loaded backed potatoes on table next to blue plate of steak and green beans. Behind plates is a open faced avacado and cup of water
Photo by John White

person holding piece of break with cheese and tomatoes slices
Photo by Dave Traub


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