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by Mountain House July 13, 2016

Parks4Kids. The Gift of Being Outside.

"Go outside and play!"

Bet you heard that more than once as a kid. Well Mom and Dad were right. Playing outside is good for our bodies, our brains, our relationships, and our connection to our environment. But in a world increasingly dominated by screens and a developed geography that isn't always conducive to communities being able to "go outside and play", Parks4Kids has emerged to make that playtime possible.

Parks4Kids was created by the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association in celebration of our National Parks Centennial. The goal is to more readily connect today's kids with our National Parks through direct immersion programs by funding individual community programs. So you can actually watch your donation in action! YES! Currently there are 210 Parks4Kids projects across the US, and now dozens of them have been fully funded, which has resulted in over 21k 4th graders getting outside for an awesome experience! See Success Stories here.

How does it work? Easy stuff.

  1. Head to Parks4Kids website
  2. Click on Donate Now - OR - select your region or activity interest to find programs to fund
  3. Then share with others and help fully fund a program for kids!

As a part of Mountain House's #MyAdventureMeal Summer Contest we've pledge $1 toward Parks4Kids for each photo or video submission that features Mountain House products. So far we've been able to fully fund 2 programs (see below)! Pretty awesome, right?!

So if you're looking for a solid way to celebrate our National Parks Centennial, go outside and play! And then we hope you'll consider supporting Parks4Kids, so that others can go outside and play, too.

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