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by Mountain House June 13, 2016

Staff Gift Picks for Father's Day

We know that all Dad reallllllly wants for Father's Day is quality time with us, his incredible kids. Right? Um ... right! But if a fishing weekend with Pops or a campfire-side nostalgia session aren't possible this Father's Day weekend, we thought we'd offer up some of our own favorite wrappable gift ideas, just in case.

Have some gift ideas of your own? Let's hear em! Share your gift picks in the comments. And have a fantastic Father's Day!

Staffer: Brandy L. - Sr. Brand Manager
Gift Pick: Sweet Wood Frame Shades from Proof Eyewear
For the dad who has everything ... except some sweet wooden shades.

Wooden sunglasses

Staffer: Spencer K. - Graphic Designer
Gift Pick: Hydro Hammock (um, yes please)
Soakin' up the good vibes in a portable, hot tub hammock. #bestgiftever

two eople sitting in blue hammock hot tub in snow covered forest

Staffer: Melanie W. - Sales Account Manager
Gift Pick: Leupold RX Rangefinder
"Close enough" isn't good enough. Dad knows that. And so do you, cause he told you.

camouflaged leupold rangefinder

Staffer: Drew H. - R & D Manager
Gift Pick: Salomon Speedcross Trail Running Shoes
Bet ya can't outrun your old man ...

Red and orange colored salomon right running shoe

Staffer: Cara O. - E-Commerce Sales Account Coordinator
Gift Pick: Trail Camera & Viewer
High res, low fuss, good value. Dad approved.


SD card reader with photo of white tailed buck on screen sitting next to trail camera with USB cord

Staffer: Zac G. - Customer Service
Gift Pick: Engraved Oak Aging Barrel  
Bottoms up! This is the gift that keeps on giving.

oak barrel on stand


Staffer: Nga H. - Marketing Analyst
Gift Pick: evrgrn Campfire Rocker
Just don't tell him he needs it cause his knees don't work the same way they used to ...


teal colored campfire rocking chair

Staffer: Brandi B. - Sales Analyst
Gift Pick: Gerber Hatchet
You get one tool to bring with you into the woods. What do you bring? This.

gerber hatchet

Staffer: Reiner B. - Marketing Manager
Gift Pick: The Cave Inflatable Tent (whoa!)
Here's that Bouncy House/Man Cave Dad's always wanted. 

dark green inflatable cave tent

Staffer: Lacey R. - Account Manager
Gift Pick: JerkyGram
Surprise! It's meat! 

boxes of assorted jerky sticks

Staffer: Kenny L. - Marketing Coordinator
Gift Pick: Otterbox Defender
Protect the device that helps Dad keep in touch! 

black otterbox phone case next to red otterbox phone case

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