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by Mountain House August 11, 2016

Just Add Water: Your Favorite Swimming Spots

Summer’s still here folks. And it’s hot out, am I right? So let’s go swimming! We asked our community on Instagram to share with us some of your favorite places to strip down, jump in, and cool off. Here’s a taste of some of the sweet swimming spots you shared with us. Let’s dive in.

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 Small waterfall running into lake in green forest

 “Freezing tropical-blue water, a magical little waterfall… this swimming hole couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. You’ll find this special spot in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northern Virginia (and this isn’t the only waterfall you’ll find!)”. ~ @jessfischer9

Girl jumping off cliff into Crater Lake

“Crater Lake has to be the coolest (and one of the coldest) places I’ve ever swum. Oregon is amazing!” ~ @twosmallpotatoes

Five people running and jumping into icy water glacier runoff

“The icy water enveloped our bodies as we hurled ourselves into the frigid glacier run-off. Sheer panic took over and I was already moving towards the shore before I had even come up for air. We were in and out of the water so fast, I could barely process what had just happened, and we were all suffering from serious brain freeze. As the sun warmed us back up, the shock began to fade, and the water started calling to us once more.” ~ (Colchuck Lake/The Enchantments)  @mrsdaniellephillips

Person holding rope getting ready to swing into lake.

 “Sketchy rope swings are a must.” ~ (the dam at Ingram, TX) @leahlemmons

Person back flipping off mountain ledge into river

“The art of flight.” (Smith River, Northern California) ~ @masonjturner

Girl in black bikini sitting in water swinging wet hair

 “Perfect spiral at Havasupai.” ~ @pars3c

Two boys standing on rocks looking out across Benedict Pond

 Benedict Pond, Beartown State Forest, Appalachian Trail. ~ @ibeyprofin

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