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Military Rations

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For more than 50 years, we have taken immense pride in supplying exceptional products to the United States Armed Forces. Our expertise crafting calorie-focused meals is evident with Meal, Cold Weather (MCW) rations, which have been a vital source of sustenance in the most arduous environments. Formerly known as Long Range Patrol rations or LRP's, our MCWs have played a crucial role in military operations, often confused with the military MRE. These rations have faithfully supported our troops in the field. As dietary needs of our military personnel have evolved, Mountain House has worked closely with the U.S. Armed Forces to meet their needs, resulting in a transition from MCW brickpacks to our Pro-Pak® line.

Our Pro-Pak® meals, designed to empower and sustain, are the culmination of extensive research and development, incorporating invaluable insights gained from our longstanding partnership with the military. Together, let us pay tribute to those who protect and serve by delivering the sustenance they deserve, fueling their work in the most challenging conditions imaginable.