Anthony Ngu


What's your favorite Mountain House meal?
Chili Mac with Beef.

How did you first hear about or experience Mountain House?
I was on an overnight backpacking trip with friends and one of them handed me a Mountain House meal and told me that I needed to try it.

What's your favorite place to hunt/hike/fish/camp/be?
The Pacific Northwest is amazing for hiking, camping, and climbing. Both Washington and Oregon have tons to offer in terms of mountains and waterfalls.

What does the world need more of?
Compassion. One of my favorite quotes is "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

Top 3 pieces of gear that you never leave home without?
My camera or phone (phone photography can be a lot of fun), sunglasses (protect those eyes), and a backpack (at the very least, it can act as weighted training for backpacking trips) .

What's one bucket list item you plan on checking off this year?
This year it might be tough because of COVID-19, but I would really love to break into trad climbing.

What keeps you motivated to stay outdoors?
There's so much to see! It's always a new experience and a fun adventure.


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