Colin O'Brady

Endurance Athlete

What's your favorite Mountain House meal? 
Pasta Primavera

How did you first hear about or experience Mountain House? 
I was introduced to Mountain House as a young kid growing up in Oregon. My dad took me camping and Mountain House was the go-to meal for family backpacking trips.

What's your favorite place to hunt/hike/fish/camp/be?
A native of the Pacific Northwest, I've been a lifelong lover of the Mount Hood National Forest and the Cascade Range for hiking and camping. Now, I split time between Oregon and Jackson Hole, WY and I'm a huge fan of Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park where endless outdoor adventures can be had. Internationally, I'm always drawn to the Himalayas. It's such a special place.

What does the world need more of?

Top three pieces of gear that you never leave home without?
Garmin InReach Explorer, Wind Jacket, Nalgene

What's one bucket list item you plan on checking off this year? 
Raft the Grand Canyon

What keeps you motivated to stay outdoors?
There's something really special about spending time in nature, in wild places. The outdoors has a way of putting things into perspective. I've learned some of my greatest lessons through experiencing both the ups and downs, struggles, and triumphs in outdoor places. The peace and calm I experience on adventures, whether solo or with friends, really fills me up in contrast with the hustle and bustle of the world.


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