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Doris Wang

Camping, Backpacking, Skiing/Snowboarding

My hobbies are hiking, backpacking, camping, skiing, gardening, and a new to me hobby is trailer camping! I work a 9-5 but try to get outside as much as I can. I also am an advocate for trail stewardship and volunteer rebuilding local trails when I have time.

What's your favorite Mountain House meal?

My new fave is the breakfast skillet!

What's your favorite place to hunt/hike/fish/camp/be?

I love to hike and camp the West Coast (WA, OR, & CA).

Top three pieces of gear that you never leave home without?

Camera, hiking boots, and a bag filled with my 10 essentials.

What's one bucket list item you plan on checking off this year?

A three-week road trip with our travel trailer hitting up Tahoe, Death Valley, and spending time in LA with my family.

Mountain House Ambassador Doris on backpacking trail with thru-hike pack and shovel in hand Doris on top of mountain peak with arms stretch wide in celebration Another view of Doris sitting in front of tent in the snow with skis sticking up from the snow