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Kiet Nguyen

Mountaineering/Ice Climbing, Hiking, Road-tripping

Hello, I'm Kiet or Kit. I'm based in Washington State. I'm an adventurer seeking all kinds of funs! Outside of hiking and climbing, I love traveling, meeting new people, and taking pictures. Hope to see you all on the trails!

What's your favorite Mountain House meal?

My favorite Mountain House meal would be the beef stroganoff. My first time having it was on my descend of Mt. Baker. I remember vividly the happiness in my belly and soul. Ever since I always make sure I have a beef stroganoff in my pack for my big climb days!

What's your favorite place to hunt/hike/fish/camp/be?

The North Cascade

Top three pieces of gear that you never leave home without?

Headlamp, phone, and Garmin

What's one bucket list item you plan on checking off this year?

Backpacking in the North Cascade!