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Rocky Shorey

Mountaineering/Ice Climbing, Climbing, Backpacking

Hi, I'm Rocky. I come from Hawaii but now reside just outside of Portland, OR. Love being outside and finding different ways of challenging myself in the outdoors. Hobbies include rock climbing, mountaineering, traveling, eating food, skydiving, martial arts, backcountry snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, and meeting new people. I also volunteer with UNP (Urban Natures Partner) which is a program that has unprivileged youth the opportunity to explore outdoor activities.

What's your favorite Mountain House meal?

Breakfast Skillet 

What's your favorite place to hunt/hike/fish/camp/be?

All areas of the PNW

Top three pieces of gear that you never leave home without?

Phone, multi-tool, headlamp

What's one bucket list item you plan on checking off this year?