Protein Pack Sampler

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Get your hands on our best-selling freeze-dried single ingredient chicken and beef proteins. Easy to use in any recipe and guaranteed to simplify your meal prep whether in the kitchen or out on an adventure. This sample pack contains 2 cans each of our famous Ground Beef, Diced Chicken, and Diced Beef. Add as a main ingredient to your favorite stew, taco, chili, pasta, or whatever meal you're having next.
Just add water
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Protein Pack Sampler

Protein Pack Sampler

Highlight Your Favorite Dishes

Shipped in one box measuring 18.9375" L x 12.75" W x 7.5625" H and weighing a total of 12.64 lbs., our Protein Pack Sampler contains six #10 Cans of mouth-watering proteins to highlight your favorite dishes or add to your emergency food storage pantry. Each protein is pre-cooked, so no need to worry about undercooking your meat (or cooking at all - just add water! Oh, the perks of freeze-dried food!) The Protein Pack Sampler contains:

  • Two #10 Cans of Ground Beef - Each can contains 22 total servings. Great for spaghetti, tacos, or hamburgers!
  • Two #10 Cans of Diced Chicken - Each can contains 14 total servings. Add to any recipe that requires tender, hearty chunks of chicken.
  • Two #10 Cans of Diced Beef - Each can contains 15 total servings. Time to start making your infamous, comforting stew.
Convenient and healthy
Use in recipes: stews, chili, tacos
The best quality ingredients
Delicious, savory dish without cooking

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