by Mountain House May 25, 2016

Mountain House Joins Forces with Parks4Kids to Help Kids Experience National Parks

Albany, Ore. – May 17, 2016 – Mountain House, the market leading brand of dried camping meals in North America, has partnered with the Outdoor Foundation and Outdoor Industry Association’s Parks4Kids campaign to connect young people to national parks. Parks4Kids provides micro-grants to teachers, schools and nonprofits to help the 4th graders experience the beauty of America’s national parks.

For every $10 donated, 1 child will be able to enjoy a national park.

“With all the technological distractions available to children these days, it can be hard for young people to appreciate and comprehend the importance of our natural surroundings,” says Reiner Bohlen, Marketing Manager at Mountain House. “We’re excited to be partnering with Parks4Kids and supporting their cause during the National Park Centennial and hope that our efforts will help create a new generation of adventurers.”

For more information please visit to donate directly to Parks4Kids.

About Mountain House

Based in Albany, Ore., Mountain House has been the first choice of backpackers, hikers, campers and emergency preparation experts for nearly 50 years. Why? Great taste, ease of use and reliability, no matter how extreme the environment. As a result, Mountain House commands more than 70 percent of the outdoor freeze dried meal market according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Their line of meals in pouches have a proven shelf life of 12+ years. Foods in their #10 cans have a proven shelf life of 25+ years. For more information and a complete list of products, visit

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