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by Mountain House September 20, 2016

5 Inspiring Camping Pics to Get You Outside!

We view the outdoors as sacred places of exploration and adventure, and we're pretty sure you do, too. Our meals fuel this adventure, and we want to provide some more fuel for you: 5 pictures to inspire you to pack your packs and hit the trail.

All these images are from our contests on The Dyrt, one for Illinoisand one for Wisconsin. Anyone who’s ever camped in these two states can enter our contests by submitting campsites reviews to TheDyrt.com. Submitting a review automatically enters you to win a contest, and at the same time you’re helping us make camping even better. Winners each receive a 5-Day Food Kit, and September is the last month of our contests!

Because these images are all user-submitted, that means they’re from real people just like you and me. They have dedicated their summers to exploring the outdoors from their campsites. Here’s to following in their footsteps!

dog running by lake in Wisconsin

Daniel B. and his trusty pup making the most of Big Bay Town Park, WI. Dogs are explorers by nature. Follow their energy, channel their spirit--use whatever mantra you need in order to adopt their free will to roam. Read his campsite review here.

man sitting on rock next to woman pointing to Devil's Lake

The Dyrt user Brandon C. pointing far off into the distance of Devils Lake State Park, WI. All good explorers point into the distance from time to time. Read his campsite review here.

front of canoe on water at big bay town park

Daniel B. exploring Big Bay Town Park, WI by canoe. Exploring by boat is uniquely rewarding, as it allows you access to much more terrain than would be feasible by land alone. Read his campsite review here.

metal bridge over Hennepin Canal

Matt S. exploring the grounds and bridges of Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park, IL. Finding structures new and old is one of the many joys of exploring state parks. Read his campsite review here.

canopy over tree hammock in campground

Leah P. showing us how post-exploration relaxation should look from her campsite at Coon Creek, IL. Hammocks and canopies will make you feel transported to a forested world apart from our own. Not a bad way to end the day! Read her campsite review here.

There are a million reasons to spend more time outside. We hope these 5 help tip the bucket and inspire you to get out there!

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